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Donnely Place 451 continued......

My apologies Everybody. I expected this to end with part 2 but like I said. I never know how a story will come out when I start to write. And this will end with a part 3. Feel free to keep posting to the previous post. (it's ok to snatch a good....).. And thank you all for tuning in.....

Donnely Place 451 continues......

Sylvia was relieved to get the job, but Alexis Crenshaw was certainly not what she expected. Although she was black and adorable looking, her personality was not. She was brusque with Sylvia and most times very cold. Sylvia had no idea what she had done to her, but Mrs Crenshaw made it clear that she did not like her. She had been working for the Crenshaws for nearly a week when Mrs Crenshaw's two sisters, Dione and Jennifer came to visit. Sylvia showed them in and resumed her duties. She was filling the dishwasher, when she heard Mrs Crenshaw complaining about her in the dining room.
"I tell you, I just can't believe he brought me this... this hood rat! Does he really think I want this woman around MY CHILDREN! " Sylvia felt her blood grow cold. She peeked around the corner and watched Mrs Crenshaw accepting warm hugs from her sisters, while she talked trash about Sylvia as if she weren't there!

"Alexis. " Her older sister Dione, sighed. "Exactly what has the woman done that causes you so much distress?" "She looked perfectly nice to me-a little beaten up by life, but sweet"
"Beaten up is right" Her sister, Jennifer laughed. "She looks like when God called the line for beauty, she thought he said duty and ran to hide!" She giggled at her own dumb joke, with Alexis joining in. Only Dione didn't laugh, in fact she looked slightly embarrassed. " That's not funny, you guys. Remember what momma always said -Laugh not for there but for the grace of God go you" This caused them to go from giggles to peals of laughter. "That's not the line you idiot! " Jennifer gasped, laughing harder. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve. "Well whatever it is, it's rude to treat people like that and you know it!" Dione felt her irritation rise. Why did they always think they were better than everyone- especially after what Alexis had done! Alexis suppressed her smile, at Dione's frowning face. "ok sis, we're sorry." she giggled. Lets go see what Aunt Jamima is cooking for dinner ok?" This caused Jennifer to fall back to the sofa in a new fit of laughter. Dione got up and walked away from them....

Sylvia was at the table feeding baby Bianca. She turned her face away so that Dione would not see her embarrassment. She knew they were talking about her. Dione was embarrassed herself. She knew by the woman's demeanor that she had either overheard, or eavesdropped on the conversation. Sylvia was so distracted, and upset, she missed the baby's mouth with the bottle. Bianca flung her little arms in the air, and gave a screaming wail of protest. In seconds, Mrs Crenshaw, who claimed to be too weak to get herself a glass of water, was in the kitchen, followed by Jennifer. They both glared at her. "What the hell are you doing to my baby? " She demanded. Sylvia was taken aback. "Nothing,.... I... I was feeding her "
"Well you're doing something wrong! " Jennifer shot at her. "Or she wouldn't be crying. She moved toward Sylvia and none too gently, literally snatched Bianca from her arms. Sylvia turned her head so they wouldn't see the rage in her eyes. She knew if Mrs Crenshaw saw it, she would be fired for sure and she needed this job! 'Just hold on girl, she told herself. Just enough money to get my babies and run. Just pray and hold on.'

" Why don't you go clean the upstairs bathrooms, and don't forget the master bedroom this time." Alexis snapped at her. " Sylvia stared at her. Had she forgotten that Mr Crenshaw had said light work only! She started to refuse but then thought better of it. Upstairs she wouldn't have to be bothered with them. She gathered the mop and broom and headed toward the curved staircase. Dione barely let her make it to the stairs before she laid into her sisters. "Look, I don't know what the problem is here, but I'm sick and tired of the way you guys are treating her! " She struggled to keep her voice down. What exactly has that woman done to you to make you hate her like this Alexis? -Did you catch her making eyes at Thomas or something?" Jennifer snorted. "That's hardly a concern-I've seen one tooth, saggy tittied, bug eyed, pygmies with more sex appeal than her!" Dione took Bianca as both Jennifer and Alexis fell into the kitchen chairs, and doubled over with laughter. "Well,...... maybe she reminds you of someone else" Dione said slowly. "Someone you'd rather forget!" The humor was instantly gone from Alexis's pretty face. "Don't go there Dione, " she warned ominously. -"Don't you ever go there!.... "

The time flew by until it was Friday, four weeks into her new job. It was the day Sylvia had been waiting for -payday! Last payday she'd had to pay all the bills she couldn't pay when Tyshon had found her stash, but now she had a bank account and that was never going to happen again. She was praying Mr Crenshaw would be there early, or at least on time. Sometimes he had to stay late at the office, but he was usually always home by 7, unless he was on a business trip. She wanted that cash in her hands badly. He had promised to give her cash so she wouldn't have to worry about getting to the bank before it closed. At six -thirty on the dot, Mr Crenshaw strolled in. Both Mrs Crenshaw and little Tiffany (the seven year old) ran to greet him. He wrapped his arms around them, kissing them both warmly. The sheer love on his face made Sylvia want to cry. She turned away the painful, yet familiar scene. Mr Crenshaw did this every night yet it never seemed to get any less painful. It wasn't fair. Mrs Crenshaw was slim, beautiful, and very much loved. She had this great house, two beautiful children, and a man who worshipped the ground she walked on. I wish I had someone to just look at me the way he looks at her! She thought wistfully. She watched, as Tiffany ran gaily back to her television program on a tv that hung from a wall, and was big enough to double as a movie screen. She was still thinking about how unfair it all was as she entered the kitchen so she could tidy it up before she left. Mr Crenshaw was still still kissing his wife. In fact the kisses seemed to be growing much deeper. Sylvia could almost see the hunger on his face as he blazed a trail from her face to her thoat. She tried to pretend she wasn't paying attention but she was fascinated. She had never actually known a black woman with a white husband where she was from. She quessed that Mrs Crenshaw's sisters, Dione and Jennifer were also married to white men just from hearing them talk, and seeing Dione's blond-blue eyed daughter, Jessica. She knew she should have left when she saw them kissing, and given them their privacy. But she stayed. They do have a bedroom! She thought to herself. And I do have to finish so I can go home! She could hear snatches of their conversation although they were trying to whisper. "How much longer?" Mr Crenshaw was asking. "Honey, please don't do this!" Mrs Crenshaw's voice sounded low and pleading. Sylvia missed the next part but heard her say "You know it'll be awhile...don't....when you know I can't" She seemed to be wiping away tears. Mr Crenshaw drew a ragged breath that seemed to take all his strength, and energy. He pulled his wife close and nuzzled her neck. apologizing softly, and kissing her gently. The look on his face reminded Sylvia of a sad moth pulled helplessly to a flame. It was pretty obvious how much he adored her, and that he wanted desparately to make love to her. She guessed this was why he looked so upset. He would not be able to touch her for several more weeks, and it was evidently driving him crazy. Sylvia writhed in jealousy at the naked hunger on his face and turning, she fled the room. No man had ever looked at her like that! And most likely, no man ever would! She thought of the pathetic groping, and pawing that passed for lovemaking in her life. With Tyshon it was more huffing and puffing than anything else. Just an endless, emotionless, pounding. No sweet words no kisses, no nothing. She sighed as she took off her apron. She'd had enough of these people, and their perfect little world for one night. She had to get away. She checked on the baby and then grabbed her threadbare coat. Mr Crenshaw seemed so wrapped up in his pretty, black, witch of a wife he made no indication of hearing her leave. Tears were on Sylvia's face as she made her way to the bus stop. She needed that money- and now she had to wait until Monday to get it! Dammit! She was so upset, that it took her a few minutes to realize that someone calling her name. She turned and saw Mr Crenshaw in his gray jag honking, at her with a puzzled look on his face.

"Sylvia, get in - Why'd you leave so fast?- I need to talk to you" Sylvia got in and turned to face him. "First off, I uh.... want to apologize for my wife. Dione told me she's been less then gracious to you." Boy, that's an understatement, Sylvia thought wryly. "And second, I want to give you this. " His 'this' made up for everything. He handed Sylvia an envelope. When she opened it, she gasped. It was obviously well over the four hundred dollars he owed her! She was so excited she could barely count it. He seemed to read her thoughts. "It's six hundred. I know we agreed on four every two weeks, but that was before you were forced to stay later than agreed some nights, as well as put up with my wife's....uh, less than becoming behavior." Sylvia couldn't keep the smile off her face. "that's ok... she's not that bad" She lied. They looked at each other a moment, then burst out laughing. " Ok, she is," Sylvia admitted. But I could put up with her all day for this kind of money! She thought happily.
"I know she doesn't like me." Sylvia began. " I sometimes get the feeling I remind her of someone else-" She stopped when she saw the strange look cross his face. He looked away quickly. "Can't imagine who that could be " He murmured, unconvincingly. " Anyway, I was wondering if you'd like to make an extra 200 next weekend? "He took in her growing excitement, and held up his large hand. " Sylvia, this won't be easy money, trust me. We're having a party on Saturday. My wife is going to want you to watch the baby, help prepare the food, and serve the guests on the night of the party. We've hired two part time helpers, but there'll will still be plenty of work. Oh, and she wants you to help clean up the entire mess on Sunday. So I'll understand if you turn us down" The wheels of her mind were turning. She knew very well that Mrs Crenshaw wanted her there so she could boss her around in front of her friends and treat her like a slave. She knew the drill by now but there was no way she was going to turn down 2oo.oo! Although it would'nt hurt to try for 300. All he could say was no. "I'm going to need 300.00, " she said firmly. "Your wife is going to work the hell out of me " She said this it more courage than she felt, then bit her lip as she waited. What if he got angry? Had she just thrown 2oo.oo dollars away? 200.00 that she needed desparately for her get away fund? He shook his head like he was about to protest, then thought better of it. "Ok." He said simply. "Just be there by 8 o'clock." He knew she was right. Alexis was definitely going to work the hell out of her. She almost seemed to blame her for what happened. But that didn't make any sense. This woman had nothing to do with that! He thought about it as he dropped Sylvia off in her dilapidated neighborhood and pretended not to notice the embarrassment on her face. He watched her get her two children from across the street and then go into a building that looked like a ransacked, homeless shelter. Quiet guilt filled him as he thought about the privileged life of he and his family. But he had to laugh to himself. She was a shrewed one, He knew now, she would gladly have accepted that 2oo.oo if he had refused to give her 300.00. She had been very shrewd to ask for 300 before he'd seen her living arrangements......

The next week-end was one of the happiest in Sylvia's life. She, her friend carol and her babies went downtown to get Tia new shoes. Tia pranced around happily showing everyone around. Her eyes sparkling with glee. Sylvia had to wipe away quiet tears. No little girl should be that happy to get a cheap pair of shoes.
Carol saw her but pretended not to notice. "Girl, so howz life at the Creme de la Creme mansion?" Sylvia giggled. "It's Crenshaw, Carol." Carol made a face.
"same thing for them mofos -so howz life?"
Sylvia frowned. " She still hates me- if that's what you mean." Then she added. "but the money is really good girl!-so she can keep on hating me!" Carol laughed.
"That's what I'm saying g-u-r-l! " She exclaimed extra loud, while she slapped Sylvia's hand. "I say let the bitches, bitch long as a sista gettin paid!" She never noticed Sylvia wincing at her words. None of the Crenshaw's or their friends ever talked like this, and Sylvia was beginning to find it a horrendous misuse of speech.
" -So you doin the party huh?" Sylvia nodded.
"Well shoot, find out if they need any help- I needs me some money too!" Sylvia nodded again, but said nothing. They walked down to a fast food place to eat. Sylvia was thinking quietly about what Carol had said. Should she ask Mr Crenshaw about Carol? She wanted to, and she knew Carol needed the money but the problem was, she didn't want Carol bringing the hood to her job! Mrs Crenshaw seemed to hate the hood more than anything. And If Carol came there being loud and uncouth, with her Ebonic street lingo, it could mean her job. And she really needed this job! This wasn't just shoe money-this was get-away-money! Quietly, she decided she would not say a word about Carol to Mr Crenshaw, she just could not take the chance, she needed the job too badly. She glanced down and saw Tia watching her. She was smiling, but her eyes were pleading. Sylvia looked hard at her. Tia's eyes were trying to convey an unspoken message to her mother. They had always had great silent communication and Sylvia could almost hear her saying " Momma, don't risk it-This is our chance to get out! please don't risk it!" Sylvia smiled reassuringly at her, and Tia's eyes filled with relief.......

The night of the party dawned crisp and cool. Sylvia dressed in the uniform that Mrs Crenshaw has assigned and kissed her babies at Ms Moppet's doorstep. Tia held baby Abigail and looked up at her. Standing there holding a baby with a diaper bag on her tiny shoulder, she looked like a child forced to grow up way before her time. With a pang of regret. Sylvia realized that was exactly what she was. Tia smiled bravely at her. "momma, kin we stay with Ms Moppet till you come? I don't wanna go with daddy, and clean up after his pokey game. I'm scared of all his friends!" Sylvia's heart stopped. What the hell was Tia talking about?. The next moment Ms Moppet was at the door. Sylvia asked her what was going on, and she told her that twice she refused to let Tyshon take Tia to clean up after his poker game and serve drinks during it. She said that Tyshon had caused such a ruckus, she'd told him she would call the police if he came back. Sylvia was so upset she had to lean against the door jamb. She told Ms Moppet under no circumstances should she allow the kids to go with him! Rage filled her blood as she thought about him trying to use her baby to clean up behind his filthy friends! She was terrified to think of what would have happened had Ms Moppet let him take Tia. Those disgusting men, all around her innocent, vulnerable little girl! Oh my God! she thought frantically. Gotta get them outta here! she thought harder and harder, as she made her way to the bus stop....

The party was in full swing as Sylvia made her way to the kitchen. Mrs Crenshaw scowled at her. " Did Mr Crenshaw not tell you seven o clock?" She demanded. "No, he did not " Sylvia answered snippily. " He told me eight o'clock!" The servers in the background exchanged glances. Mrs Crenshaw loved to snap on people but was quick to run and tell her husband, should someone have the audacity to talk back to her the same way. They waited to see what would happen. Just then the baby started to wail. The girl closest to her picked her up but her cries grew louder, and louder. Sylvia moved across the room and took the baby from the grateful girl. Bianca wrapped her tiny arms around Sylvia's shoulder and quieted softly down. Alexis Crenshaw watched quietly, then turned, and stormed away...."how do you tolerate her? " A young girl loading the dishwasher, asked. "The same way we all do, " An older woman answered for Sylvia. " We think about the money!" The hours flew by. Around 11, Mrs Crenshaw came in and told Sylvia to go clean up the dishes and drinks the guests had strewn around. Sylvia went into the living room collecting dishes and glasses in a large dish pan. She was embarrassed at having to be seen by all these rich people, in her maid's uniform. She so wished she were back in the kitchen where she could hide! Sylvia! She looked up at the sound of her name and spotted Lena coming toward her with a big smile on her face. Everytime she saw Lena she seemed to be happy and smiling. Lena gave her a quick hug, and stepped back. "So good to see you, how are you-Is my brother treating you ok?" Sylvia nodded. Lena grabbed her wrist. "Come on, I want you to meet some more of my family." She led Sylvia to an outdoor table and snatched the dish pan from her, handing it to another girl before Sylvia could protest. "Don't worry about Alexis, " she laughed at the worry on Sylvia's face. "I'll take care of her. Anyway, I want you to meet my big brother John Michael, and my husband Jim." Sylvia's was surprised to see that Lena's husband Jim was black. (although, it shouldn't have been a surprise with this family) He was semi tall, and very nice looking, but seemed rather cool and reserved. He averted his gaze when Sylvia said hi. She got his message loud and clear. You're hired help and you don't belong here!. Lena's brother John, on the other hand, was very friendly and even easier on the eyes. In fact, he was gorgeous! It was easy to see they came from the same family. He had Lena's blond hair and ruddy coloring. Sylvia took his outstretched hand timidly. He smiled down at her with clear gray eyes and a dimple in his chin deeper than Michael Jackson's. "Nice to meet you, " He said sincerely in a deep, masculine voice. He was staring deeply into her eyes, and Sylvia felt herself redden. Damn! why did she have to be in a maid's uniform, and why did he have to be so handsome? "Ah, it....it's nice to meet you too" she answered slowly. His wide smile was making her insides do crazy things. "I'll get drinks! " Lena piped up happily, and fled across the room. Sylvia realized Lena really was that happy. Funny, when she'd first met her she thought she was faking it.
"Ah... shouldn't you be getting drinks? " Lena's husband Jim, cut in rudely. "After all, you are one of the maids are you not? " Sylvia turned to him in embarrassed shock, as did John. "That was out of line man." John turned to stare at him coldly, the warm smile gone from his face. Jim turned guiltily away from John's stare, and then glared at Sylvia behind his back. His eyes seemed to silently scream, 'Get back in your place -in the kitchen!' He's as nasty and condescending as Mrs Crenshaw, she thought to herself. They should have gotten married! As soon as John excused himself to go to the bathroom, Jim came up and deliberately handed her a tray of dirty glasses. "I believe you know where these go" He said coldly. Sylvia looked at him. She was thinking to herself: 'how bout you shove them up your ass! ' but she didn't say it. Instead, she took the tray and headed back to work....

Luckily the evening was almost over, because she was not able to get away from John the rest of the night. He kept turning up and trying to talk to her while she worked, and Mrs Crenshaw made it clear she was not happy about it. Sylvia found out that he was a pediatrician and had been divorced for several years. He told her all about his patients and how funny they were. He seemed to really love kids. She wanted desperately to talk to him some more but Mrs Crenshaw was giving her the death glare. So she told John she would talk to him later and trudged upstairs to put the baby to bed. Lena followed her up. She was running her mouth non-stop in the background, as Sylvia tucked Bianca in.
"You won't be able to dodge my brother! she laughed. "The Crenshaw men are known for getting what they want." Sylvia turned to her, shaking her head. "Don't be ridiculous, he just wanted to talk about stuff he-" Lena cut her off. "He can talk about stuff with any one of the 1ooo women chasing him in his office-No, I know my brother. When he made me promise to grab you and introduce him, I knew he was interested." Sylvia was shocked, puzzled, and just a little hopeful. "but what would he want with me? He's so handsome and I'm so..." "Adorably cute!"
Lena finished for her. she grabbed Sylvia's arm and led her to the mirror. Sylvia was stunned to realize the uniform was beginning to hang on her! She was losing weight with all the constant running around, and she hadn't even noticed. As she looked closer she could also see that the dark circles around her eyes were almost gone, along with the slack, tired skin. She'd been forced to eat lots of fruits and veggies in order to have the stamina to work two jobs, and the difference in her skin was amazing! Not to mention how much stress was relieved by not having to squeeze every penny until it screamed. She shook her head at the woman in the mirror, in delighted amazement.
"wow! I'm not nearly as pretty as you or Mrs Crenshaw, but I don't look half bad! she whispered happily. "you're as pretty as anybody else!" Lena said, as sternly as her gentle voice would allow. She seemed to be deep in thought for a moment. " Alexis really is quite pretty isn't she? She said softly. Too bad she....."
She let her voice trail off. Sylvia turned to her. " too bad she what Lena? -does this have anything to do with why she hates me? I need to know- why does she hate me, what did I do to her? "
She watched a myriad of emotions cross Lena's face as she turned away. She seemed to think about it a long moment before answering. "She thinks you're her karma." she said quietly, turning back.
" What.... What do you mean?" Sylvia leaned in and listened close. Lena looked more and more uncomfortable as if fighting with herself whether or not to tell Sylvia something, finally she sighed, as she reached out to touch the baby's soft brown cheek.

"My brother Thomas was married before". She began. "His first wife was named Sylvie." Sylvia gasped, then nodded for her to continue. She had a baby girl by C-section and then suffered complications. The baby had severe breathing problems and lived only for I day, as I remember. Then then she died. My brother was horribly distraught, almost inconsolable. Anyway, While Sylvie was trying to recover, and work through the death of her baby. Along came Alexis. She worked her way into his life under the guise of helping him through his grief. But Before he knew what happened, Alexis had gotten pregnant with Tiffany. Then she made sure Sylvie found out about it. Sylvie filed for divorce and left the state, and Alexis got my brother. When she saw you, especially with your name, you reminded her of her own sins and that's why she hates you-she's scared you came to do to her what she did to Sylvie"
Sylvia let her breathe out in a whoosh. that was alot to take in. To think that Mrs Crenshaw had stolen Mr Crenshaw from another woman who had just lost her baby! She shook her head at Lena. "I shocked that she would do that- but, I don't believe in Karma she said firmly. " I believe people grow and change, most times for the better". Lena shrugged. "Well I believe in karma, but I wish I didn't because I sure have done some shady, sneaky, low down things in my life!" Sylvia giggled, she just couldn't imagine Lena doing shady, sneaky things.

She reached down into the crib to kiss Bianca's soft baby cheek -and froze! At first her mind did not register what was wrong but then it hit her! Bianca was not breathing! A piercing scream split the air. Sylvia didn't realize it was coming from her until Lena grabbed her, and slapped her face. "What's wrong with you -screaming in that poor baby's ear! have you lost-" Sylvia yanked hard on her sleeve and pointed toward the crib. Bianca's chest was NOT rising! "Oh my God! Lena shrieked, backing away in horror. Then she was screaming as well. Then everything seemed to happen in slow motion. In seconds people flew into the nursery. Then Alexis was there, grabbing her limp baby and screaming at the top of her lungs. "Oh no, it's coming true, " she screamed. "God killed my baby because of what I did!" She collapsed to the floor on top of the still body of the baby, screaming wildly. She was impervious to the fact that John was trying to get to the baby in time to save her life. "Move Alexis, Dammit! " He commanded. "I've only got seconds to save her life!" Grabbing a grief stricken -nearly incoherent Alexis from the floor, he literally threw her into his brother's arms so he could work on Bianca. Sylvia watched fearfully. They had lost precious time talking about her mother -how long had the baby been out? Wasn't Lena stoking her cheek only moments ago? Then Alexis had come in and cost them even more precious seconds! Would John be able to save her? She looked toward The Crenshaws, they were both white as ghosts, even dark skinned Alexis looked almost as pale as her husband. He seemed to be trying to hold his wife up with a strength he didn't possess at the moment. Sylvia saw his lips moving as his red rimmed eyes looked upward. She knew he was sending up a cogent prayer, begging for the life of his child. But Mrs Crenshaw was looking directly at her! Her dark luminous teary eyes were filled with hatred and suspicion. Sylvia felt the first inkling of fear for herself. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt if little Bianca didn't make it, Mrs Crenshaw would somehow blame her, and make her pay!....She felt like she was in a nightmare. Every precious second that slipped past felt like hard hail pummeling her helpless body. With nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. And the baby's life slipping away!........

Find out if baby Bianca survives, and what happens to Sylvia in:
The final chapter of: Donnely Place 451
thank y'all for tuning in see you next post...

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It's ok to snatch up a good white man!!!

This post will only be up a short time, as I have got to finish the rest of the story people are emailing me about. So if you want to comment, I suggest you do it quickly.....

White men are the most married out of all men, and not only that. They are the most IR married men all the men in the US. Many of them are married to Asian women. Many sistas write me time and again asking how Asian women are able to seize so many good WM. The reason so many Asian women have been able to snatch up some many good wm is because Asian women have made it clear that they (for the most part) don't give a damn who does not like it and they ACTIVELY make it clear that they WANT WM!! Ladies that is something you can easily do as well. There's no trick to it. Simple make it clear what you want. WM have been hearing for years, "I don't want nohtin but a brotha!" do you really think he would just automatically believe many sistas are now interested in WM? Of course he's going to be apprehensive, and doubtful. I remember once when I lived in Hawaii, and was going to Kaleheo high school. I saw an Asian friend of mine (kiko) flirting with a wb in the outdoor hallway (All school halls are outdoors in Hawaii) I watched two Asian boys making faces at her, and doing everything in their power to convey to her that they were unhappy with what she was doing. She kept laughing and smiling at the wb, and paid them no mind. She persisted until he asked for her number. Minutes later she walked over to me smiling, with the two boys in the back ground looking like pots about to boil. I asked her if she was aware that they were pissed. She looked back at them and then at me and I will never forget her response: "yes, I notice, and no, I don't give damn. -Kiko do best for Kiko, not Asian boy"

That's classic ladies, I think many of us will have to learn to emulate the Asian ladies before us. Do what is best for you and your children and forget about all who does not like it. If you want a wm, go for it. Make your wants/intentions clear. It is imperative that bw learn to be invested in their own welfare above all others. Yes, you heard me right. I said ABOVE all others. What do I mean? I mean that your interests should be your paramount concern. If you don't have your own best interest at heart, certainly nobody else will either. I'm sure nobody has told this to many of you sistas-so let me tell you:

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO WANT WHOMEVER or WHATEVER YOU WANT in life!!! Many bw seem to feel ashamed of wanting wm, like they're secretly guilty of committing a crime. lol. Ladies when was the last time you saw a bm feel guilty about flaunting his ww? If anything, he's proud and haughty and if you even look like you might be upset, He's happy as hell! You just made his day. Because he does not give a damn what you think, and you better not waste a minute of your precious time caring what he thinks either. I want you to not give a good damn! Just between us let me tell you a little secret: Most bm are not worth crying over -EVER!!! Most of them are coming from fatherless homes, and have no idea how to be good men/husbands/fathers. As a result, most of them are angry, damaged, and mean. Steer clear of damaged men of ANY color and only spend your precious time with good men. Now, having said that, let me state unequivocally what I find so attractive about wm.

  1. I love the fact that most of them are gentlemen.

  2. I love that most of them are really good fathers.
  3. I love that most make decent- to really good husbands.

  4. I love the deep conversations- that go so much deeper than "hey shortie....

  5. I love the deep intellect of many (certainly not all of them)

  6. I love the respectful mindset of most -not all-

  7. I admit I really love that pale skin, it's so different from mine

  8. I love the dark, soft hair and blue/green eyes....

9. I also love fact that most of them are very marriage minded and raised to believe in the sanctity of marriage....

I could go on all day but I think you get the point. I am not ashamed to admit my attraction. BW have been ashamed for too long. You have a right to like whatever you like. I just think it's time we followed our Asian sistas and make it known. Already when I'm out and about with my family. I see more bw/wm than I ever have before, so I think the message is starting to sink in. But when you see bw loudly proclaim 'Nothin but a brother' -simply add," for you not me!" This simple proclamation has hurt more bw than any other I know of. If you want to know why bm's stock went up so high, all you have to do is look in the mirror. You sent it there, (either by the Nothin but a bm bullsh*t,) or by sitting silently by while other bw screamed it. If you want to know the truth, this is why bm are fighting so hard to keep bw from dating out. It's not that they want bw back (they don't- lets keep it real) they just don't want their ww to find out that their image/stock is nothing but a fictitious house of cards! They know good and well the only reason many non-blk women are with them is because bw wanted them so badly, their stock was inevitably driven up. But they also know that as more and more bw make it clear they are no longer interested in them and want WM, other women will follow suit. I'm sure you've all experienced this: In school or elsewhere. There was a guy you did not think was so hot, but your friends kept talking about him, and raving about him, and he started to look better and better to you! This is exactly what happened with bm! We built him up so high other women decided, "well, if he's that damn good/fine -he should be with me!!! "

This is one of the reasons despite the fact that there are some really fine Asian men, most women are not looking for Asian men. Why? Because many women are thinking: 'if their own women don't want them -why would I! " This is why BM are fighting to keep you focused on them, and away from WM, not because they love/want you, but because they know when the truth comes out, (that they are NOT ALL THAT!) Their stock will free fall faster than Enron! Go for what you want ladies, and if what you want is a wm, you have every right to get it and snatch it up, don't let anyone tell you different...You every right to snatch up a good white man!

PS. I know this post will bring out the trolls, so don't worry, I will be moderating carefully. All irrelevant/accusatory comments will be deleted.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Donnely Place 451

This is a story- portrait of what life can easily end up being if we don't take charge, and make imperative marriage choices with great care and caution. I think we all know that marrying the wrong man is one of the fastest ways to reach hell on earth. But what about the havoc created for your children. What about the long term consequences, and the irreparable damage done to one's self esteem and psyche. This story attempts to illustrate a glimpse into the life of one woman who's one bad decision almost cost her everything.....

Sylvia turned the key and entered the dark rickety apartment. Her small 7 year old, Tia, was right behind her. She was struggling under the load of potatoes from the local food kitchen. Sylvia's heart lurched. She hated her baby having to carry charity potatoes and walk up 4 flights of stairs to their apartment at 451 Donnely Place. Unfortunately, she couldn't carry them because she had to hold onto her new baby, Abagail. She sighed as she switched on the overhead light and laid abbey in a blanket covered drawer that served as her bed. She thought about putting it on the table to keep the roaches off the baby, but the danger of Tyshon storming through and knocking it off, stopped her. Work all day, and then pick up the kids to put them to bed in a house so old and rotted it made her sick to look at it. She wondered how it had come to this. When she was young she had so many dreams. None of them resembled this nightmare. She silently watched Tia head for the fridge hoping against hope there would somehow be food. She watched her face fall as it always did when she found next to nothing inside.

"S'okay baby " She murmured. "I'ma squeeze some money from m' chec this week an we'gon get some food ok?" Tia nodded. Her sweet little brown face looking downcast and unsure. Suddenly she brightened. "Momma, kin we have some tatas and eggs?" Sylvia jumped up. "Oh! I forgot about the eggs " She cried happily. She ran to the baby's old stroller that had been pulled from the trash and found the eggs in the bottom basket, perfectly intact. She sighed in relief as she made eggs and potatoes for Tia and herself. Tia smiled gratefully as the plate was set before her. She's so precious. Sylvia thought to herself. She was always so happy with so little. Sylvia was sagging with regret. Why God why, didn't I listen to ol Ms Brown back in the day? She wondered to herself. She told me to look for two very important things. A good college and a good man. She warned me not to get pregnant by a sorry man or me and my kids would suffer that mistake for years! At the time Sylvia had not paid any mind. Ms Brown was an old woman with old ways and old values. What did she know? But now in the light of day 17 years later. Sylvia could see how horribly right Ms Brown had been. She had met her man Tyshon and been swept off her feet. His words had been so sweet back then. Before she knew what hit her, he had managed to sweet talk her out of her inhibitions and and her panties, and she had gotten pregnant with David. Along the way she had managed to get a ring from him in exchange for her giving up college and agreeing to go to work full time. That had turned out to be a horrible decision. Tyson had no more interest in being a husband and father than he did in being faithful. He ran the streets all day, had a violent temper and spent them into the poor house. Sylvia had barely managed to save their apartment twice after he'd found the rent money and used it on cheap wine and cheaper women. He'd been such a horrible father, that Sylvia was almost grateful that David had gone to live with her father vowing to never return. She had prayed and prayed that he would change, but the only result had been more children and more worries. She was only 35 years old. Yet she looked old before her time and more like her sad and dejected mother every day. Her once vibrant brown caramel colored skin was now tired and leathery looking. Her lovely slanted dark and mysterious eyes that once seemed to have a hidden secret, now looked like desecrated graves. She worked 50 hours a week and barely saw her two remaining children. Her husband spent money faster than she could bring it in and there was no one to talk to. In her community you didn't complain about your man. Too many women simply saw this as betrayal or bragging, since so many women were manless, and angry. I'd almost be better off manless! Sylvia thought to herself as she watched Tia scarf down her food. The tic of the clock almost caused Tia to jump out of the chair in fright. "honey, it's ok. " She told her. "It's jus the clock, it ain't daddy" Tia's tiny body relaxed ever so slightly and she finished off the plate. She knew better than to ask for more. They had to make food last in the Williams household. She put her dishes in the cracked sink and hugged her momma. Sylvia held her tightly wishing to God she could turn the clock back, and searching her mind for a way to get her remaining babies out of this hell. She couldn't afford to move as she barely made enough to pay the bills now. She didn't have the first, and last month rent plus security deposit and moving expenses, it would cost to run. All this went through her head as she gave Tia a brave smile. "Go to bed and say your prayers ok?- Momma loves you baby" Tia smiled up at her. " I love you too Momma, " She answered solemnly. But her little face looked frightened and confused. Sylvia watched her wrap her coat tighter around her thin shoulders as she headed toward the small, cold back room....The only thing colder than the ugly, dilapidated apartment, was her hope of escape.....

The next day at Ocean Side Medical Clinic, Sylvia patiently explained to a new patient, that her insurance had not sent the referral. Dr. Lucas would not see her without it. Sylvia explained that she could pay for the 900.00 treatment now, and seek a reimbursement but that Ocean Side could not guarantee that she would receive it. The girl waved the problem away, and opened her purse. Sylvia watched in amazed envy as she counted out nine 100 dollar bills, and handed them to her. The girl was young, pretty and white. She's probably never known a hard day in her life! Sylvia thought angrily. She handed the money to the cashier, then grabbing the chart, led the girl to a back office. The building was newly renovated with all the latest amenities, central air and brand new carpeting. A far cry from my building Sylvia thought ruefully as she took the girl's temperature and vital signs. "Do you know anyone who's looking for part time, night time work?" The girl asked suddenly. Even her voice was light and carefree. Sylvia glanced at her chart and saw that her name was Lena. "What kind of work? She asked sullenly, certain that she would not qualify.

"Well, it's really easy, see it's my sister in law she's just had a baby and her regular house keeper is in Mexico visiting her sick mother. She won't be back for at least six weeks. In the meantime they need someone reliable to come and clean the house and fix a meal while she recuperates from her C-section, which will take about 6-8 weeks. They have a morning girl but she can only stay for breakfast. They need someone at night. It pays 200.00 per week for just a few hours per day. do you know anyone who might be interested?" Sylvia could hardly contain her excitement. Did she! Oh God, she needed that job!

"Uh, well...."What are the hours -and where is it located?" She began to fire questions at Lena like an interrogation unit. When Lena gave her the information, she breathed excitedly. " I could do it until her girl gets back. " She stammered quickly, trying not to appear too anxious. "Well bring your references tomorrow night Lena told her. She wrote the address on a sheet of loose leaf and gave Sylvia more details along with directions to the house. Sylvia was so excited she barely felt the remaining work hours. Oh, God I hope someone doesn't get my job! She worried. She desperately needed that money. Tia's shoes were so small her toes were coming through, and the baby was not tolerating her milk and the Doctor had told her, she would have to switch her to a very expensive special brand. that 2oo would be a lifesaver! Not to mention, she could finally save something to move with. She swallowed her excitement, and forced herself to keep working....

She told Tyshon about it that night, asking him if he would watch the kids while she took the second job. She knew if he refused she would have to pay Ms Moppet to do it, and she wanted to save that money. She didn't tell him the most important reason for needing the job was 'get away money' She had decided no matter what, she had to take her kids and run. She finally faced the fact that life was never going to get any better with him. She hated to leave them with him even a couple of hours, but she was desperate. Her happy thoughts of escape were interrupted by Tyshon slamming down his beer.

"Oh so you wanna go to the big house and clean fo tha white folks huh" Well, I ain't watchin nobody! These yo kids -I got better thangs t'do than watch these damn kids and you ain't takin no job no way. I needs you here to fix my plate." Sylvia stared at him. His skin was pockmarked and gray from just not giving a damn. His teeth were so bucked, they resembled a can opener, and his clothes were dirty and strewn with some disgusting substance she did not dare identify. But the worst was his breath, which reminded her of old collard greens. She turned away, her stomach feeling queasy. What the hell had she ever seen in this greasy gremlin! Somebody should have knocked the sh*t outta me! She thought wryly. I was obviously too young and stupid to make a sound decision or I wouldn't of brought home this ..... pork belly! She pondered for a long minute on how to get him to agree to let her agree to take the job. "Honey" She purred, swallowing her revulsion, and moving close to rub his big disgusting Buddha stomach. "If I don't take it-I can't buy you more beer and that expensive chicken you like because they've cut my hours at work. " She watched his face as she told this lie, holding her breath. He seemed to think it over, knowing he would do what was best for him. Finally he smiled with his teeth of many colors, and squinted at her. " I wants you in da moment you gets off dammit! -Don't be givin da white folks no extra time neitha!" And don't forget to bring me beer on the way back-and hell nah, I ain't watchin these damn kids. Leave em wit Ms Muppet!"
"Uh.. that's Ms Moppet, Tyshon." "Whatever" he had already turned away and was eating his sardines like they were going to get up and run away, Oblivious to what his family would have for dinner......

When Sylvia finally found the house on the beautiful subdivision she felt like she'd stepped into the twilight zone. The houses were large and beautiful, the lawns expansive, green and manicured, and the streets were wide and clean. So clean it almost looked fake. She rang the bell at 215 Cachet hill and tried to quell her thudding heart. The door was expensive of heavy oak and ornately carved. Probably cost more than a month of rent, she noted. She had paid Ms Moppet to watch the girls with money she direly needed to get to work on. If this job did not pan out, she was in trouble. I hope these white people are nice, she thought hopefully. She had tried to fix herself up and look presentable, but years of neglect could not be corrected with a few curls and some expired night cream. She was wiping her sweating palms on her hand made skirt for the third time when the heavy oak door swung open. A large 6 ft plus white man stood staring down at her. He kinda looked like an executive with the expensive glasses and dark suit-minus the jacket. He had dark blond hair and teeth so white, he could do a commercial. Sylvia gulped. She felt so hand me down in her handmade skirt and 8 year old blouse. The man gave her a reassuring half-smile.

"Please tell me you're the lady from the clinic who's going to help my wife until Sarita comes back!" His voice sounded desperate and tired. Sylvia felt renewed hope. "Yes, yes I am " she responded quickly. "Thank God! " He grabbed Sylvia's hand like she was going to run away. "Come in, please come in." While Sylvia took in a hallway larger than most of her apartment, he began to fill her in.

" She 's recuperating." He told Sylvia as he rushed around. "She's in the sun room getting some air now. We've got two kids and there's no way she can take care of them at this point. Don't bother with the resume I've already had you checked out." He was talking faster now. I need you to fix meals for her and the kids, and clean up a little. Nothing heavy, we have a morning person, but just a bit. And put the kids to bed - can you handle that?" Before Sylvia could speak he was talking again, telling her about his business and some kind of merger. He said he had to fly out and that the company car would be picking him up. He asked Sylvia if she could drive, and then showed her a 3 car garage with 3 brand new vehicles in it. He told her to use the station wagon for errands and to make sure she used the car seat for the baby. Sylvia barely had time to answer his questions as he was obviously in a rush to go somewhere. Finally he told her he would introduce her to his wife. They passed a large kitchen and darkened den with a fireplace, and entered a room to the right that was outdoors yet inside. The room was done in living room style with a couch and love seat and even carpet and cozily nestled around a large screen TV.

"Honey. " The man said softly. "She's here."

Sylvia blinked and almost fell over in shock! A lovely black woman in her late twenties, with big brown eyes, and an angelic face was looking back at her!

End of Part 1.

See if Sylvia can turn her life around, and make it out of the hood in part 2. Thank y'all for tuning in ......

Saturday, August 9, 2008

WW, and the fairest of them all myth!

We went to my cousin's job the other day to pick her up for lunch. My youngest brother 'Pedro' was with me. (Yes, he's the one who is half Spanish) Anyway, I noticed as my very handsome brother walked through the gate, all the female eyes seemed to turn toward him. This is common and neither one of us commented, but what was fascinating is that several ww left their respective desks and circled him like vultures. They kept preening back and forth almost like they were waiting for him to acknowledge their superior beauty (alleged to be superior anyway) My brother has a longtime gf and was not the least bit interested much to their amazement and instant animosity. One girl repeatedly threw her long blond hair in his face until he was livid with anger. He turned toward her and told her to cut it out or else! When the BM delivery driver came, I noticed the same behavior. The sidelong glances, the hair throwing the coquettish 'accidental ' touches etc. The driver looked almost embarrassed the antics were so blatant.Then they actually seemed to take offense that they were not getting the love and adulation of all the men around! My cousin shot me a knowing look, and whispered "TV has them all thinking they look like Brook Shields from back in the day" I nodded. I too, had noticed that ww seem to think they are the most beautiful, sexy, special women in the world. And I too blame television. TV has put them on this pedestal which one day is going to lead to a very hard drop for them. The truth of the matter is they ARE NOT MORE BEAUTIFUL, SPECIAL OR SEXY THAN ANY OTHER WOMEN! It reminds me of the fable 'the Emperor has no clothes' Where everybody is struggling to believe the Emperor is wearing clothes because they have been told only fools will see him with no clothes on. So while he walks around butt naked, everyone is pretending he's fully clothed. Until an astute little boy screams out that he's naked! LOL Becky is also being glamed up and paraded around like she's the golden princess when all along, and deep inside everyone knows she is no better than anyone else! I'm so sick of seeing ww flinging their hair in commercials. I'm so tired of seeing ww think we are supposed to be the cumbersome black slave hand to their Scarlett O Hera, and I am so tired of ww bragging about how much bm love them! My question is: Who gives a damn? I think it's completely obvious, that bm love anything NON-BLACK! That's no reflection on the desirability of ww. That's a blatant indicator of self hatred being made manifest. Besides if they want men who have shown that they have no regard for their children, and in fact abandon them in droves, are sexually indiscriminate, have lackluster goals/aspirations and the values of a primitive, mentally deficient sub-human, then have at it. They are certainly more than welcome to them. But the constant barage of lies surrounding Becky and her ilk tends to work one's nerves. And I just love the words beautiful blond have become synonymous. Especially when I see homely blonds every single day! Now take Paris Hilton for instance. I for one think she is a very pretty girl. Unfortunately I also think she has the morals of an alley cat. and I hold her in the same light I hold New York in. IOWs In the shadows. Well, I guess she's not as trashy as NY. She does not curse like a sailor and smoke like a chimney. But she's not too much higher in my eyes. Yet no matter what she does or what any Becky seems to do, it appears people constantly make excuses and defend their abysmal behavior. While simultaneously throwing non-ww under the bus! SMH......

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Love Lessons ...Setting the tone...

It's your job to realize that you are a goddess and then make sure he knows it as well.....

This is just a quick lesson and will only be up for 2 days. But this is for all the women who write, asking me how to set standards in a relationship. This is an example with answer at the end....
April finished dressing and stopped to admire herself in the mirror. Her dark skin glowed and her smile was bright. The dress fit perfect! All that running in the park was paying off. she was thrilled with the way her weight loss was coming along. She smiled happily at herself and headed downstairs. Keith, her date was expected at any moment and she did not want her family to give him the 3rd degree. Her sister Megan, set down her coffee cup and surveyed April.
"Don't you look n-i-c-e," she drawled. April grinned. "So this the first date huh. April nodded. She had been looking forward to going out with Keith since the first time she saw him in that football uniform. She was so excited, she felt slightly woozy.
Well, you look beautiful sis." Megan headed toward her and gave her a quick hug, then grabbed her in a playful headlock. "But I swear if your skin gets any smoother, I'll choke you to death! April yelped and wiggled free. Megan loved to play. She never seemed to realize how strong she was. April turned back to the mirror to smooth her hair. She too, had to admire her skin. It was coffee brown and smooth as molasses. Her mom was always telling her to enjoy youth and beauty while it lasted, and she intended to take that advice. A moment later, her mother, Beth, poked her head around the kitchen corner.

"What time that boy comin April?" standing there, hands on her hips, eyebrows furrowed in worry, she looked like an old picture of Aunt Jamima from days gone by. April suppressed a laugh. Megan looked from their mother back to April and giggled. "He's a-comin at 7:30 momma " Megan answered. making fun of their mother's improper speech.

Beth tried to look stern, but gave up when she realized her girls were laughing harder and went back into the kitchen to finish dinner. At 7"45 April was a tad annoyed. At 8 she was angry and at 8:15 she was angry, insulted and embarrassed. She stormed back upstairs and removed the dress she had spent a week's salary on, and threw it angrily on the floor. Then she got on the phone to a friend and made other plans...

By 8:45 April and her friend Tameka were at the bowling alley laughing it up and having a good time trying to make a strike. She had just settled in her seat, when her cell began to beep.

"Hello," she pouted, watching her perfectly aimed ball head toward the gutter. "where yu at?- I'm at ya, house-an you ain't even here!" April rolled her eyes. Tameka instantly knew who it was.
"Jay you were late- so basically I made other plans" Jay's breath came out in a whoosh. "look, sorry bout that, but I got caught up-I mean you understand stuff happin right-I'll pick yu up an-"
"Ah no, you won't April's voice was sweet, yet firm. " we had a date, you were late-I understand that, but the lack of curtesy I don't-you should have called. Now I'm doing something else, maybe we can do the movie another day"

The click of the phone and a dial tone was her only answer. April's mouth dropped open in shock. He had hung up on her! A minute later she was telling Tameka what happened. Tameka squinted at her.

"Why didn't you tell him to come here?" she asked. she truly looked puzzled. "Because I already made other plans" April answered snappily.
"But that's stupid!" Tameka protested. " yu gotta give a brotha a chance!" "Tameka, April said patiently "he was late without bothering to call and then hung up on me, I have nothing more to say to him!"
Tameka let the discussion drop but April could see that she was giving her strange looks from the side of her eye. A little while later, her phone beeped again. It was Jay. He told April he was giving her another chance and that she could leave the bowling alley right now and meet him down Delaney street by the club. April knew the street was dark and dangerous, she also knew even if it were a good street, she would not be going. This time the click of the phone was his answer.

Was April right or wrong? and why?


April was right to go off and leave. You should never allow a man who is late the luxury of having you wait on him especially in the initial stages of courting.
The fact is you are setting the precedent. It is vitally important that you set the tone from the onset. The fact is that Jay is not the type of man to make April happy regardless, because she is not the type of woman to put up with disrespect. And he is very disrespectful. Lets go over the ways:

1. he was late and did not call

2. he became angry because she would not acquiesce to his demands

3. he had the audacity to call back and expect her to walk down a dark, scary street to meet someone who had just hung up on her!

Ladies, always set the tone in the beginning of your relationship in order to avoid alot of problems along the way. Will there still be problems? Of course, honey this is life not a soap opera, but you can alleviate or exaggerate alot of the relationship problems in the long haul simply by how you act at the beginning. The truth is YOU are teaching him how much he can get away with and whether you are a dream girl or a doormat simply by what you say/or don't say and how you act/ or don't act.
This is called, setting a precedent. and it is extremely important. Why? Because this is what he will come to expect. If you start the relationship off taking crap, he will give you more and more of it. Always make it clear from the outset, you expect to be treated well. The men who are willing to step up to the plate will stick around and treat you like a jewel, the ones who have no intentions of being Honorable will fade away. Either way you are much better off. Ladies, you MUST have standards and requirements! No matter what anyone tells you. Women who get what they want always have standards and requirements. Real men are very used to rising to the occasion. They are used to performing at work, working hard for promotions, working hard when they hunt, fish, or play sports. They understand rising to the occasion quite well and very efficient at it. However, the woman who allows a man to just come and go as he pleases, and walk all over her will soon find herself relegated to the bed mate category while he searches for his choosy dream girl. Even nice men will take freebies while looking for someone with more class and standards. The way you act in the beginning WILL set the tone for the relationship and once it's set, it is extremely hard to change it. Never let him get away with anything in the beginning. Let him know: " This is what I want, and this is what I will not accept!" This should be done in a sweet and steadfast fashion. There is no need to be nasty or get angry. He should know by your very actions and the way you carry yourself, what you will and won't tolerate. If he's obtuse and does not have a clue. Give him one. If he suggests you skip the movie and go to a hotel instead (long before he has a right to hope for such a thing) Simply Tell him: " Oh I understand you don't want to see the movie, perhaps you should take me home and we'll see it so other time." Look him in the eye and smile sweetly. If he's a gentleman he will immediately become contrite and back off. If he's not, then you should immediately exit his car, as soon as it is safe to do so. The bottom line is that you MUST set the tone from the inception of a relationship and guide him to treating you like a queen...... or kick him to the curb if he refuses to toe the line.... Post in 2 days... thank y'all for tuning in....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The manipulation of BW, deliberate and deadly!

2 of the main lies: (a.) bm leave for ww because you are sexually repressed. (B.) Good bw do anything to get a bm and never consider a wm....

I was listening to a radio host the other day. He comes on the same station as Steve Harvey. (at a later time) He was insinuating that bw were losing bm because they were too sexually repressed. He went on to say that other women were far more sexually liberated than bw and that was why they were stealing bm. I could feel my blood starting to boil. Then I listened as bw called in and in almost pleading tones, practically promised to turn sexual cartwheels for bm! While many bm called in to second him on his analysis, and say that their women (non black) certainly were sexually liberated and therefore better than bw. They went on to say that yes, he was right, it is a bw's fault that she is alone. The host then had the nerve to say that bw were not swingers and implied in a very overt and disgusted tone, that this made her corny and old fashioned. He urged bw to be swingers implying that contributed to the reason they had lost the bm. Now I was so angry I had to stop for a cold soda and cool off. I could not believe for the life of me how a man who is supposed to be held as mentor and role model to millions of people could ever be so callous, cruel and socially irresponsible! First of all let me say that even if you are the most SEXUALLY LIBERATED WOMAN IN THE WORLD-HONEY NOW AIN'T THE TIME TO SWING!!!! Ladies, although I am old fashioned (and proud of it BTW) I am not casting aspersions upon anyone's life style. But now is NOT THE TIME!!! Many women are laying in hospital beds dying as we speak because they were trying to please a man!!! Don't do it!!! Don't let the BC and all the damaged cartoon characters in it convince you that you need to have sex with multiple people, engage in behaviors you find abhorrent, or sexually capitulate to men who's sexual histories you are unsure/unaware of! What this man is advocating is a sexual suicide mission!!! And I cannot believe his radio station would permit it! To advocate swinging in a day and age when people are walking STDs!!! That's beyond crazy-it should be criminal to condone and encourage it. And then aside from the inherent physical dangers of such actions, what about the internal damage to your psyche. As Steve Harvey always says:
"a man can wash his part off and go on about his way-But a woman, it's inside, once he's in her body -he's in her mind-and soon her heart"

This is so true. This is why women often fall in love with the wrong man-because she has slept with him. Then nature in it's quest for procreation will convince her that she is in love with him. All the while he was using her and is now planning his next conquest. Ladies, there is nothing to be gained by sleeping with men you are not deeply emotionally, invested in and committed to. Please don't let the manipulators fool you. Monkeys in trees should swing NEVER PEOPLE!!! Your body should never be treated like a smorgasbord for everyone to sample! This man is a LIAR!!! Yes, I said it. I'm not real good about holding my tongue. BM did not leave BW because they refused to to act like naked contortionists. They left because they wanted white women! It's really as simple as that. You can lie to yourself all you want. But that is the reason. and unless you can turn yourself into a ww, chances are they will never come back. My question is: Who gives a damn? most of them are not worth having anyway, so dry your tears and find a good man of any color who can give you the love, commitment and security that you deserve. Ladies, never ever make a fool of yourself for a man. He will use you, step back and laugh at your stupidity and then find someone with more self esteem.....It infuriates me that bw are the ONLY women encouraged to get themselves 'a piece of man' and then act like fools to keep him. No other women are ever encouraged to date losers, multiple baby making failures, school drop outs, and no ambition having, corner dwelling fools that no woman in her right mind would give the time of day to. Other women are encouraged to look for men that will UPLIFT them, and make life easier for them and their progeny. BW are encouraged to look for pieces of men and uplift the sorry ass man! And at the expense of her self esteem, morals and sometimes her very life! This is not only ridiculous, it's an exercise in futility. If a man has no ambition, no pride, no self respect (exp. swinging with anydamnbody) no focus and drive -you cannot give it to him! These are internal deficits that he must reconcile in his own life. You as a woman are not responsible for the actions of grown men! IOWs If a man wants to leave you HONEY -QUICK, HELP HIM PACK! Drop him off at the white girl's house! You do not need anyone who does not want you. That's stupid. That's putting yourself in a no win situation. Recently on a family trip I sat next to my male cousin's new white wife. We talked a few minutes and I casually asked her how she managed to 'get him' with all the competition for him (there were 3 black girls doing everything but standing on their head to try to be with him) She looked at me for a moment. I knew she was debating whether to tell me the truth or not. I nudged her and said " you can tell me girl, it's ok" She smiled, and then whispered conspiratorially. " I knew he wanted a white girl-those 3 were never in the running, they just didn't know it. In fact, he often bought me dinner with the money they gave him! " At this point she broke into high laughter. She never noticed I was not laughing, and that I walked away. But my point is as disgusting as it is to laugh about him using other women, (and taking money from other women!) she certainly set herself up in a winning hand. She knew her only competition was from other white girls, so she never even gave the three blk girls a thought. But what about the bg's why would they give money to a man? Why would they allow him to play 4 women at once? Why would they try to oust each other instead of dumping him? Because they've been taught in the BC- get a bm no matter what the cost. This is what I'm talking about. Any of those girls should have told my cousin off and dumped him but instead they fought over him. This is a no win situation. BM in this position are almost guaranteed to take advantage, and you're guaranteed to get hurt. My point is don't stand on your head for a man. Don't swing or engage in behaviors that can cost your life. Don't listen to fools on the radio telling you bm left because you did not do this or that. What the hell would you want a man who would think about swinging in this day and age for anyway? BM left because they did not want to stay period. So, I say help bm pack - happily drive him to the white girls house, and then pick up her brother on the way home!.....


Wealth ideas for the Entrepreneurs....

Consult your way to 5000-10,000.00 per month!

If you have specialized knowledge of ANY kind, a great business to start is a consulting business. This is something that can be started from home on a part time basis and can grow as your knowledge and confidence in the business grows. Make sure to pick a subject you absolutely love and one that you will be very interested in continuing to study. One of the main reasons why many businesses fail is because people do not take their interest/passion into consideration. Many people are basically looking to get rich without realizing that it is 5x times harder to get rich in an area you dislike as one you like. Self analysis is extremely important. If you hate kids, for God's sake don't try to open a daycare! You will be a colossal failure. Not to mention the poor kids will suffer. If you have specialized knowledge of a particular thing (or are happy to gain said knowledge) then you can be a consultant. It simply means that you would get in touch with companies in your field, and let them know about your service. with (Ads, post cards, fliers, phone calls, or word of mouth)Keep in mind that WOM is much slower and this would be used as a sole means of advertising only, if you want to build very slowly. An easy way to do this biz is look in the paper for help wanted ads. You can contact these companies and make an appointment. See these people regarding problems they are having with various aspects of their business. Talk about how you can help them with new ideas, implemented strategies, or various other solutions. Talk about SOLUTIONS with them. Tell them what you can do for THEM! Price yourself at about double-triple what they would pay their employees and get to work. Some common business problems are:
  1. 1.Fiscal mismanagement
  2. 2.Employee theft
  3. Overage of overtime
  4. Need to downsize to survive
  5. Need to curtail expenses
  6. Need to meet Labor/Union stipulations
  7. Need to stay competitive
  8. Need to come up with fresh image/logo/sales letters etc....

I'm sure you get the idea. You can find a million problems in everyday businesses. And remember that (or buy on Ebay ) on this subject is called; How to succeed as an independent consultant by Herman Holtz Publisher John Wiley and Sons605 third Avenue New York NY 10158

Get Rich with old family recipes!

Did you know that some of the most popular restaurants in your town are probably so popular because of one or two 'favorite dishes or deserts'! Well it's true. Many of the most popular places in any town usually are known for some specialty, which is quietly making the originator of the specialty rich! For instance. I know someone who makes fabulous fudge. She has been making it for years. Well one day a friend of hers convinced her to let her place some on the counter of her family restaurant. She wrapped it nicely and added labels and neatly placed it near the register. Well the result was instantaneous. People clamored for it and begged for more. Soon other restaurants were begging as well. This lady does not want to go nationwide (although she certainly could) she is a little old lady now making 20.000 per month by selling her fudge to restaurants (in other nearby towns) and making it exclusively for this particular restaurant. You can do this too. Some of the most popular dishes in family style restaurants come from ordinary people who have a great recipe. Careful as this is one that can go so big, you'll feel lost and scared. So get a good accountant and try to control the growth. My father, God rest his soul was a fantastic cook. Even better than my mother (and she's a very good cook) He had a pizza recipe that was out of this world! I have never tasted anything like it. And everyone always said the same thing. Whenever he had a pizza party, as he called them. People would beg, plead and pay anything to get in! Restaurants heard of him and offered him money, shares, anything to get that pizza. Unfortunately, daddy was not interested. I think I have told y'all before my father was extremely talented in many ways, yet totally unmotivated to do anything with that talent. He always promised to give us the recipe, but he never did. To this day, we have made thousands of pizza's trying to figure out how to make them taste like his-to no avail. My point is: It really does not do any good for God to bless you with a talent, you refuse to use. Daddy could have made millions in 25 different ways if he had, had a little motivation and desire to do so. But he did not and so he died taking all that wonderful talent with him.... So just know that I can give you all the business ideas in the world, but if you don't have motivation and desire to use them-they can never work....This is a business you can make millions in if you are willing to work hard. It can grow faster than you would believe. Simply take your special recipe and let restaurants try it. Let them see if it will sell. Take it to several and have a nice looking business card wrapped with each item. (with phone number incl. ) If your phone starts to ring off the hook-honey, you are on your way! Get a good accountant and try to control the growth so that you are not overwhelmed.....

1000.00 per week reupholstering furniture (part time!)

Did you know that you can make up to 1000.00 per week upholstering furniture? Well you can. And it does not require much time to learn the skill either. You can Google furniture reupholstering and get started learning for a very modest amount. With the economy in the shape it's in. Many people want to save as much money as they can. Many people would love to have their furniture 'redone' instead of paying for all new furniture. We recently got a new leather couch and love seat set and it was over 2000.00!! So you can see why many people would love to just redo the old. Now this will require someone who has a love of fabrics, style, colors, etc. IOWs someone who has decorating tendencies and loves to make old things new. People please, if this sounds like slave labor to you, then don't waste money buying a kit. You will not be successful in a business you hate. On the other hand, if this sounds great to you read on. The Modern upholstery Institute will practically walk you through how to get started. With tips, samples ads etc. You can work with homeowners, hotels, motels, offices etc. Businesses are great clients because they really do not want to waste money on new furniture that only customers will use and not family members. You can build this as large as you like and remember you can email me with questions at tlm_taylor1991@yahoo.com (this email is for business ideas only, and my readers only...PS, if you want a copy of all the wealth ideas: go to sidebar and follow link that says (Sara's wealth blog) All of the wealth ideas will be there.


Beauty tips for the ladies...

Flaky skin: a great way to control flaky skin is to cut an apple in half and rub half over the face. This will texturize the skin and even the tone while eliminating the flakiness. Once you are finished, rinse. You can also add a little sugar to your palm dampen with water and rub gently over the face-then rinse.

Under eye puffiness:

Fill a clean satin eye pillow (you can easily make some) with buckwheat or lavender. Lie down and cover your eyes with them and take a 15-20 minute rest. When you awake, your eyes will be refreshed and smooth....If eyes are really bad (like from crying all night ) try frozen veggies to reduce the swelling ... And then get whatever making you cry like that out of your life....

Remember to change your make up every few months as the bacteria can build up and cause all kinds of problems. Never share make up, and always wash hands before and after applying it.

Steam stress and toxins away...

Steaming the skin not only is therapeutic, it's extremely health inducing. The reason is that you steam away the toxins that make you look old and tired. By 'sweating' the skin you revive it. A great weekly regimen is to: steam the skin over a bowl filled with very hot water and herbs (like chamomile, lavender or rose. Have a towel draped around your face to keep steam in and gently lower your face and let the pores breathe. (don't get too close, and don't spill the water!) When you are done give yourself a gentle mask and see how rested and lovely your skin looks.....

Thank y'all for tuning in-see you next post ...